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Ron Panzer 02-06-2020 Broadcast Interview

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Hospice Patients Alliance Newsletter

The statewide Catholic bishops' agenda for the "Caring for the Whole Person" conferences will direct the churches to ally with secular humanist utilitarians who control tainted hospice that dominates the hospice industry! 

The California Catholic Daily has written about this statewide initiative and the Friday protest and explains the nature of the unethical treatment imposed upon unsuspecting patients who enter tainted hospice or palliative care settings:


 Terminal sedation advocate at LA cathedral Friday

Vatican rebuked California bishops in Robert Wendland case

 Staff      Feb 4, 2020      California Catholic Daily


 This is an urgent alert to all pro-lifers who can attend a protest this Friday in Los Angeles. The promoter of terminal sedation into death and voluntary stopping eating and drinking in hospice, Ira Byock, MD, will be the keynote speaker along with Archbishop Gomez at the Caring for the Whole Person conference this coming Friday.

Though Byock is well-respected within the culture of hospice and palliative care industry, he is the last person the Catholic Church should be inviting to talk about end-of-life care.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

555 West Temple Street, Los Angeles

The all-day conference begins at 8:30 am.

 The above alert was sent by the Hospice Patients Alliance Feb. 3.

 The following statement was sent out on Feb. 3 by Brian Johnston, spokesman for the California ProLife Council:

 The California ProLife Council opposes ‘terminal sedation’ or the opiated dehydration of vulnerable patients. “This is the intentional, medical killing of a patient in one’s care.”

 The practice of intentional medical dehydration was spelled out and condemned by the Nuremberg Medical Trials.

 The California Conference of Catholic Bishops, under its recently retired director, had errantly supported this form of euthanasia in the case of Robert Wendland, filing an amicus brief with the California Courts supporting intentional dehydration. The California Supreme Court ruled against them, finding such practices to be unethical.

Pope John Paul II issued an ad limina rebuke of the conference’s support of dehydration, and of the religious body’s approval of killing Robert Wendland. “…the omission of nutrition and hydration intended to cause a patient’s death must be rejected and that, while giving careful consideration to all the factors involved, the presumption should be in favor of providing medically assisted nutrition and hydration to all patients who need them.”

The retired director continues to work advising the quasi-Catholic, billion-dollar health industry in the Western states. The former Catholic Healthcare West has been instructed by Bishop Olmsted of Phoenix to no longer use the term “Catholic” due to their unethical medical procedures.  


 Please share this with your friends and other pro-lifers to let them to come out to this rally for life and protest this horrible alliance between a leader of tainted hospice and the Catholic church.

 Maps and directions are posted at the Cathedral's website. http://olacathedral.org/gettinghere/index.html

 We urge you to attend!

 If you plan on coming and speaking out, you can bring a sign or poster if you wish. 


Please contact Vickie Travis  to let her know you are going to attend and make your voice heard!

The all day conference begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4 pm. If we are there to protest when attendees enter, and leave, we can let them know the truth!  The conference ends at 4 pm and we want to be there as attendees leave to make sure they are informed of the truth and know that hospice has been tainted so that many patients are hastened to their death through various means, or outright medically killed with overdoses.

Please come out and support the sanctity of life! 


Please spread the word about what is going on!  The major media, conservative media, as well as both federal and state government officials are all utterly censoring this epidemic of medical killing.  They will not admit what is going on and in fact, deny the reality!

For that reason, we have the Stealth Euthanasia book online and available to everyone to read for free (It can also be downloaded or bought as a hardcover printed  book).  If each of you tell 10 others, and they tell 10 others who also tell 10 others, etc. everyone in the country would know the truth before their family member is in danger

Getting the word out is really very possible -- actually certain -- all you have to do is make this small effort. This is the first step to stopping the killing!

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All healthcare must be pro-life, otherwise it is not healthcare!

Ron Panzer

for Hospice Patients Alliance


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Vickie Travis is an American internet broadcaster and author known as one of the founders and the original host of Health Care Warriors and American Dawn.  Programming is in general intended to be presented in the form of a conversation.  If all are comfortable more informative information is likely to be shared.  There are no stilted interviews on this program.

She is an accomplished pianist, artist, and professional researcher who did co own with her husband a research company for many years.  She is certified in Museum Management and Archives/Libraries and is a genetic genealogist.

After the untimely medical murder of her father as confirmed by LAPD,  she spent two years attempting to disprove what doctors, attorneys and law enforcement at all levels told her had happened.  She could not believe that there are so many evil people who will kill for money in this world.
After two years of being in the trenches, interviewing murderers who bragged about their actions, of studying methods that law enforcement uses to determine what is a murder and what is not, she found that she had failed. 

What she had actually done was prove the doctors, the attorneys and law enforcement correct.  Failure is not something that she takes easily and so she decided to help people and hopefully by presenting the truth of what is taking place not only in the United States but internationally and presenting factually the true cause, which is greed on the part of much of the pubic and corporations and a way for governments to save money and not fulfill promises made to its citizens  she has succeeded. 

She believes that contrary to the current theory in use of government suppression of the truth to protect people from further pain and protection of political domestic corporate allies that actually shinning light on the truth is what truly promotes healing.