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Vickie Travis is an American internet broadcaster and author known as one of the founders and the original host of Health Care Warriors and American Dawn.  Programming is in general intended to be presented in the form of a conversation.  If all are comfortable more informative information is likely to be shared.  There are no stilted interviews on this program.

She is an accomplished pianist, artist, and professional researcher who did co own with her husband a research company for many years.  She is certified in Museum Management and Archives/Libraries and is a genetic genealogist.

After the untimely medical murder of her father as confirmed by LAPD,  she spent two years attempting to disprove what doctors, attorneys and law enforcement at all levels told her had happened.  She could not believe that there are so many evil people who will kill for money in this world.
After two years of being in the trenches, interviewing murderers who bragged about their actions, of studying methods that law enforcement uses to determine what is a murder and what is not, she found that she had failed. 

What she had actually done was prove the doctors, the attorneys and law enforcement correct.  Failure is not something that she takes easily and so she decided to help people and hopefully by presenting the truth of what is taking place not only in the United States but internationally and presenting factually the true cause, which is greed on the part of much of the pubic and corporations and a way for governments to save money and not fulfill promises made to its citizens  she has succeeded. 

She believes that contrary to the current theory in use of government suppression of the truth to protect people from further pain and protection of political domestic corporate allies that actually shinning light on the truth is what truly promotes healing.